Instructional poem

Go to the video store and
rent a video you saw
already and
watch it alone

Stop reading this part
stop reading this part
stop reading this part
stop reading this poem

I will call it a poem after I write this and
the part you read first
that said a word then
was added
after I wrote this


Okay poem

Suicide legs
there's no thing like nothing
my resistance to dairy
renders me

Sensitive information like
playing my cards
right enough
to sleep with my face
in your hair
is only a problem
if I make it one

Everything is funny so
no one makes jokes


Anxiety poem

Inside a cake box is
a cake

Some doors open automatically
but most
are locked

Are you thinking
what I'm thinking
I'm not

Even flowers
are bought
and sold


Innocent poem

No child left behind
every child
gets fucked and dies
or doesn't get fucked and dies

Sorry I can't give you directions
because I am dyslexic
I remember every cheat code
that made me invisible
left right left
up down


Window poem

There's no God in this screen
or any screen

Now mirrors
face up
face down now

Bodies continue
as long as they can

My eyes hurt
from being recorded


Your poem

Nothing personal
everything is a computer
a drug
a weapon
according to everyone
standing close and
quiet not looking
or looking

Offices and hospitals and
schools and prisons
are places to avoid
death awhile
and to learn
the death in everything
according to everyone
quiet not looking or looking afraid